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    Hi all, this is my first post on here. Just found the forum by accident last night. I have been using Eastwood products for YEARS. I have been playing with the powder coating for probably 3 or 4 years with decent results.
    I have really 2 seperate questions, but they both relate to the same thing so I will give a little background 1st.
    I am a polishing FREAK. I polish everything. Well, my one car (88 Mustang, built 408 stroker) I have the entire top of the engine polished to a chrome like look from the heads up (including the heads and stainless steel headers). Well, I had to let it set outside for about 2 weeks during some bad weather. Well, as we all know what happens, it looks like sheite now! I need to tear apart and repolish. Ok, well, I am currently building another car. A 67 Cougar XR7 restomod and am doing sort of the same thing with it. Heads are polished and on the engine, I still need to polish the intake, valve covers, air cleaner, and carb parts. After seeing how crappy my stang engine looks and just thinking about all the work involved in getting it looking great again, I DEFINATELY want to do some protecting on this stuff before I put the car in service.. I was heavily researching the Zoop Seal stuff, but I am not fond of how they say it only lasts a few years then must be “stripped off and repolished and reprotected”. Holy cow, thats a month or more of work every couple years plus an engine teardown if I am understanding that correctly!!! I do not want to get into all that. So, I was thinking of if I could polish the parts, then powder coat them with either the reflective chrome single stage or just clear them and here’s where my questions come into play…
    1st, the reflective chrome. Either I am doing something wrong, or the chrome powders are not very good at all with chemical resistance OR scuffing of the surface. I had read that the powder coatings can be buffed like regular paint, well, I tried that on some of the chrome PC and WOW it looks like crap now. I also tried cleaning some with a little brake clean on a rag once (brake dust that was a little stuck on) and it ruined the finish.. Now, did I not cure it correctly or is that just how the chrome powders are? Are the other color powders that way? Should you really be able to scuff and buff most of these powders to make them smooth and glossy?
    2nd, if I decide to just simply clear the polished parts. Will it stick and last? Will gas turn the clear pc colors? Will the engine heat turn it colors? Will the clear dull the polished finish alot or not much?
    Ok, final questions (for now! LOL). I want to protect these parts to the point where I can drive the car (mainly a weekend show but driven car) and use it without ruining the look of the intake. It is a tri power setup and I know there will be a little gas here and there get on the coating and will that hurt it?

    Any help is AWESOMELY appreciated!

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