Questions about Eastwood Epoxy Primer

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    I am getting ready to lay some primer down on a ’56 ford f100 cab and have a few questions…
    I am thinking I will use the epoxy primer. I plan on driving the truck some but it is kept in a garage.
    I plan to sand off parts as bodywork is done and then re-apply in the affected area.
    Will the epoxy primer hold up to some minor weather and UV light?
    Can body filler be applied over it or will it need to be sanded off first?
    Will a gallon be plenty for a truck cab? (inside and out)
    What action needs to be taken when its time for topcoat?, ie scuff it up, another coating material, etc.
    Is the only thing I need the primer and catalyst or do I need a reducer also?

    Thank you in advance! I’m going to do this next weekend.

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