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    first things first, i have a small home business and i am set up fairly well. i have been doing this a few years here and there but not full time or anything till lately.
    i have someone wanting rally wheels from their late seventies firebird done in powder. i ordered the rally gray and rally silver as those seem like the best choices for the job.
    my questions are:

    are rally gray and rally silver the close to correct colors or should i have went with the argent silver instead?

    as i havent done steel wheels, am i correct in assuming i should blast/prep the entire wheel and do the entire wheel in the same color as the primary color being used or the first color i shoot?

    does anyone have a stencil or tip on doing the pattern? i was considering buying a rally wheel paint kit and doing the silver first, then putting the adhesive masking stencil down, spray the gray, then carefully remove the masking before baking. any suggestions on that?

    sense i will be using a silver and especially on wheels that will see use, would you recommend a clear over the finished product?
    typically i just use the ground that is on the power source, i have two of the original hotcoat guns and have never had a problem, but for something of this magnitude should i go ahead and invest in the dual voltage gun? i have nearby plumbing and such, so i could also tie into that for a better ground? any suggestions on this is appreciated also. i want to be sure the powder adheres properly for the additional coats.

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