Questions about Clutch on harley

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    :confused: Using the clutch compression tool like it states in the manuel I’ve shattered 2 pressure plates trying to get the the thing put back together…. Anyone have any clue how to do it??? Next trying to put rest of bike back together before I lose my mind anyadvice for a person thats broke and trying to put bike back together????? Please all advce is welcomed and appreciated…. Ghost

    Hey just to update whats going on…… I got the clutch in and the primary back together…… Also what I was doing wrong was I wasnt keeping it totally still as I cranked the compression tool down… Thats why I shattered them, But thank the goddest its done. Now If anyone could tell me the proper way to put all of the guts to my front and rear wheels I would greatly appreciate it….. until then peace……. 😀

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