Question on the Eastwood High Temp Coating

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    Hello fellas… I just reciently purched the #10133Z Satin Black High Temp Coating. I also purchased the crown Spra-Tool that includes the propellant can with the 3 diff. spray tips. What I am doing is wanting to coat my brand new exhaust manifolds with no paint on them,…it still has the manufacturer oil coating on them to keep them fresh from contaminants. I know I know I have to use the PRE before I paint them to get them all nice and clean and let them dry thuroughly.
    My car don’t have the exhaust on it right now…I switched from headers to manifolds so I don’t have the option to paint them let them dry 24 hours, put them on and start the engine. Can I paint them with the above mentioned product and then put them into a gas oven for 1 hour at 500 degrees. This is a oven that we do not use to cook with by the way….HA!…HA!.
    I hope this product will alloy me to do this.

    Can you give me your input on this please!:confused:

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