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    hey, i have been using the hobby gun and have had great results with it so far. i have powdercoated almost all of my suspension parts on my snowmobile. while i was looking in the “colors” thread i saw some corvette calipers that had 2 different colors on them, the lettering was different colors then the bodies. how is that done?

    I have also read a few threads about multiple coats, i was under the impression that you had to spray bare metal, how do you get powder to stick on the second coat? can someone explain the multi coat process to me? briefly.

    i have attatched a pic of what i would like to do on a atv swingarm, I realize the picture sucks, but it portrays my idea roughly. if someone could give me a shove in the right direction as to what steps i would take, i would greatly appreciate it!!

    hope im not asking too many questions, thanks

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