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    I have a question about where I need to use rust converter and where Rust encapasulator will do the trick. I know before the newer converter, most guys just used RE over light rust (although using Oxisolve, etc. is always a good idea). So, I’m restoring an inner fender well that has some small patches of rust. Should I use a rust dissolver/remover, the converter, both, or just RE and be done? (btw, undercoating will be the last step.)

    I guess my questions for overall restoration work are:
    1. When is it necessary/better to use rust converter?
    2. As a rule, should I use converter before using encapsulator?
    3. If I use a dissolver and/or mechanical remover, do I still need to be safe and use rust converter?

    I really want a rust-free, “Star Trek”-like shield around this jalopy, but I also don’t want to go bankrupt buying stuff I don’t really need. So what is the surest, toughest, but most efficient thing for me to do as I work my way through this car?

    Thanks in advance! EASTWOOD RULES!

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