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    I belong to a car mailing list and this is the second time this has come up, I know you guys do a lot of wheels and was wondering what you had to say about it, I do NOT have a copy of that article quoted here.

    Danger! Powder coating wheels and other suspension or important structural parts may be pretty, but don’t do it! The last article I read about the dangers of powdercoating was in the January 2006 Victory Lane magazine, page 18.

    From the previous discussion on this subject a few months ago, it seemed that people thought cracks could develop under the PC that would not be visible and would be if you had used paint.

    I answered that Motorcycle manufacturers PC wheels all the time and so it is safe because a motorcycle manufacturer would be concerned about safety on those 2 wheels. That was shot down…

    So any truth to this, I assume it is a “urban myth/legend” but I can’t argue it without information.

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