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    thanks all for reply.

    I want to do a set of 18’s wheels copper + clear on it my questions are : do i apply clear ? Since i did my first color and wheel is fully powdercoated there is no place to place my ground to ground again to spray my clear ??. I heard after you cure wheel with first color you take wheel out and spray clear on it without ground and since its still hot it will charge on wheel with no ground?.

    2. Multi color ?? lets say i want my wheel to have a lips a certain color and middle with another color whats best technique to 2color them. Would you guys do a full coat of first color cure it fully and then let cool mask the part you dont want to be sprayed second color then reshoot and cure ? OR mask of right away the part you dont want shoot first color then do a ”half cure” let cool down and remove tape then shoot the other color ?.

    if that helps ill be using eastwood powder and full gloss clear

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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