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    Hi All,

    I hope this question has not been asked before, or atleast not recently, but I just got a new air compressor; Craftsman 6 horse, 33 gallon, 150 psi max., 8.6 @ 40psi and 6.4 @ 90 psi. I got this one to upgrade my other compressor; a 4 horse, 25 gallon Craftsman.

    So here’s my question(s). I have been to another web board on this before and got some good info, but wanted to see what you might think here too.

    When I had my other compressor, I had no trouble spraying with conventional guns, but now-a-days, hvlp is the way to go. From what I have been told, Sharpe Finex guns work good with this compressor and possibly the Sharpe Cobalts too, when using a diaphragm regulator on both. I have a fair share of the ‘old style’ guns, but they are dated and I want to upgrade to newer units.

    So, my questions are this: Does anyone know if these guns, or other hvlp guns will work with my air compressor? I typically paint panels and then hang them, so as far as shooting an entire car at once, I don’t do that.

    Anyone else have this compressor and have any feedback on it? I know it is a bit noisy and it gets pretty warm when running, but as far as painting, any feedback?

    My final question is this. Since it is a portable compressor, I want to set up a decent water/air filter system, but not break the bank. I plan to only run 25′ of line, so my pressure drop shouldn’t be too bad.

    I appreciate any and all replies here. Thanks for the posting! Dave

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