Question Kevin on your "hands on cars" ep 11

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    Hi Kevin
    I was hoping I could get some detail from you on one of your comments from ep 11 on zed sled. There was a comment you made about the quarter panel where you said “high, low, high, low, high low, that you sound like you were from hawaii” that the quarter was terrible in that section where you block sanded a little. Anyway my question is I put new quarter skins on my 67 mustang and i did get some minor warpage from welding and mine looks a little like what zed sled looked like. I can put a straight edge across the high low spots and honestly they are pretty minor, like maybe 1/16″ at most maybe even less but when I blocked the ecoat and the epoxy primer I can see obvious high lows. How would you approach this issue and how did you fix that on zed sled? Not sure if zed was off a small amount like my mustang but is this something I can just use body filler over to make up the lows? I don’t think the highs are higher than the other parts of the car. I did a butt weld on the skin about 1 inch below the top style line and I plan to use short strand fiberglass filler for the welded seam and would it be ok to just use that same filler on those low spots right next to the welded seams? This is my first body work project so any advise you can give me would be great. I love all your videos and I’m learning alot from all the hands on videos. thank you


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