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    In reading this forum, I’ve seen that many people have asked if Eastwood is going to ever come out with a decent color chart for their powders that would consist of an actual photo sample instead of the Wiindows Paint color swatch they currently use in the catalog. No disrespect intended, but trying to match colors to real products using the current catalog is hit-and-miss at best. I’m sure many of us would even pay for a good color chart. Any news on this?

    Also a general question. I’m currently getting a business set up and have approximately 35 of Eastwood’s colors on hand. Most colors I only have in 8oz sizes so I at least have enough to do a few small parts. For those of you who do this regularly, what is the smallest amount of any color you would recommend having on hand. I obviously don’t intend to invest in 5lbs of every color, because most of it would probably die on the shelf. Ideas and suggestions, or do you just keep basic colors on hand in bulk and special-order others as you need it?

    Thanks for everyone’s input.

    This forum is the BEST! Thanks, Eastwood!


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