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Posted: November 9, 2005 By: zeusboy

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    I have an ’05 Mini Cooper S cabrio, less than one year old, and have noticed alot of little chips in the windshield. Some are deep enough to catch your fingernail in and quite a few are not. I’ve seen your glass polishing kit and the one for deep scratches and am not sure which would be better for my situation. Also, I only have a variable speed electric drill; no air tools. Would this be OK to use?

    I don’t want to replace the windshield–the car is less than 1 year old! And I also have rain sensing wipers(expensive windshield). It looks like I got behind a dump truck or something that sprayed little pebbles, but when the sun hits at an angle, all I see are these thousands of little pocks.

    Thanks for any advice, zeusboy

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