Question about white rouge application

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    Fat Cat

    So I had good results on my first two pieces, now I’m trying to buff out the front water pipe on my intake and I’m having problems again. I got it real decent by using emery on the spiral sewn and felt bobs. Now moving on to the final buff with the rouge and loose wheel I keep getting a dull look. What appears to be happening is I rake the wheel out real good so there is no dust or fibers coming out, then apply the smallest amount of compound I can. As soon as I put the piece to the wheel, the compound loads up on the piece almost instantly, leaving me that dull, dark grey look. It seems like no matter how little compound I put on the wheel ends up on the piece I’m trying to polish. I’m wondering if maybe my wheel is too worn out already and the frayed fibers are holding too much compound in? How long should a loose wheel last? How much pressure should be applied in this stage?

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