Question About Using The Testors Pen?

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    When doing a brake -cal do you do the letters 1st when using a testors pen,let dry over nite,then bake and then put your powder on and wipe off the letters? The reason I’m asking is I did a partice set by powder coating them 1st and then used the pen on the letters but it looks like chit because it doesn’t all flow together. The letters are crooked and don’t flow together. Will this correct it’s self when you clear coat them. I had this problem in the past with a set of valve covers. The reason I ended up using the pen is because I can’t get the powder to take over chrome with-out heating up the part. Had this problem in the past as well. I’ve never been able to get any color to fully cover over chrome with-out heating the part 1st.

    Thanks Bill

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