Question about spraying sealer and basecoat/clear

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    Sealer: Nason Dupont Select 422-23 Acrylic sealer Flast time 10min
    Basecoat: Dupont Chromabase basecoat Flast time 10mins
    Clear: Nason Dupont Selectclear 496-00 Urethane clearcoat

    Painting engine compartment

    1) Can I spray 2 coats sealer then 2 coats of basecoat then 2 coats of clear all same day if I just wait the flash time between coats?
    2) Should I sand before 2 coat sealer? After base coat do I sand 400grit apply another coat then sand with lighter paper then apply clear?
    3) I purchased a east wood paint gun and the gauge that connects to the paint gun has a gauge that is in increments of 10psi how do I setup the gun for 7psi?
    4) What tip should I use to spray sealer and clearcoat?
    5) between paint changes I was going to use lacquer thinner to clean the gun is that ok?
    6) Any other tips that you can provide me would be helpful 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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