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    I just finshed reading a book on body work and repainting and I still have questions. My buddy, who did body work and painting about 8 years ago, told me that all I have to do is scuff the current paint with 400 grit and prime it. From what I read in the book, it advised to strip and paint.

    The car is a 1994 Mustang and the paint is fine, I just wanted to change the color of it. I am going from a forrest green to a blue. I started to sand the paint in the door jams areas to do those while the interior is stripped and found that I am only scuffing the clear coat. I am still going to use a base/clear system to repaint. There is no body damage to it other than a quarter sized dent on one of the quarter panels.

    Can any of you clarify what is the better way to prep the current paint for primer then base? Sand with 400 or strip? This is the first time I paint a car so I wanna learn the right way.

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