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    I have a question about phosphate. I can’t seem to find any info. on it. My question is when you rinse the phos. off the part can you do it with plan tab water? or do you have to have deionized water?

    I would also like to now what chemicals everyone uses and the steps they do to prep a part. I like to media blast with fine sand, Hit metal with some sand paper 400 grit wet sand, spray carb cleaner on part and allow to dry, Phosphate and rinse (Heres where I need to know if I’m surpose to use deionized water or plan tab water), spray paint thiner on part, then preheat part before pc it.

    Does this sound accurate or does someone have a better way of preping the part?

    FYI Carb cleaner on pc will cause it to bubble up makeing it easier to strip so the next time you have to strip pc try a can of carb cleaner and see if works for you. At auto zone you can get an gallon of carb cleaner for about 18 dallors.

    Thanks for everyones help these forms have turned out to be a live saver.

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