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    Hey Kevin, I know it’s been a while since you did this project and I know you’re very busy but I was wondering if you could give me a couple pointers. I’m basically in love with the Das Bronce project and I finally have the chance to do something similar so I’m taking a swing at it. It’s my first project and I’m the most uncomfortable with the engine work just because I don’t know a lot and I don’t wanna get taken by a machine shop when I go to get work done, and I’ve never rebuilt an engine before. I know the point of the project was to keep it cheap so I was suprised when I was looking over the videos and you said that the machine shop did a .030″ overbore with stock pistons. I was wondering if you meant they went 30 over and put in a sleeve, or did they actually go 30 over and source you guys new .030 over stock style pistons and rings for the block. I’m only curious because as I try to do this now I am starting to see this huge whole form in my wallet if I start buying new pistons and I’m afraid of having a 1500 dollar machine shop bill. Sorry to bug you, thanks a lot for any help. I really miss you and Ryan on trucks now, great team!

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