Public Apology to talented coaters on this forum.

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    I hope other people on here realize that it takes some guts to do this and if you cannot forgive me, i understand. I started dealing with Brian at CC when i came across youtube vids on the hyper smooth gun and i thought it would be a worthwhile gun to try out. I had owned a pro eastwoods cup gun and well to be honest it worked okay when i was coating in my garage but i always new i needed something better. I then purchased a used nordson versa spray 2 and it worked pretty good but the 50lb hopper size was a pia. I then bought the hyper smooth and i liked it. After having it for a month, i had major propblems and was told to send the gun back. I was without it for almost six weeks as i live in Canada. In the meantime i had the use of a gema optiflex with 2 mini hoppers. It is an awesome system but very expensive, like 6000.00 CC sent me back a brand new gun and i thought that was pretty cool. I then started buying powders from them and had good results. Everything was going good dealing with them so all was good. I have always felt that if you support your supplier, that they will be good to you. A mod on there forum started selling vacumm guns to remove powder from indexed lettering and i thought that was a very good idea. I posted a link on this site about that to help out a coater here. I paid for one of these guns last febuary using paypal. I never got it. I was told by Brian that this guy was very sick and that when the guns were made that he would send one out to me. That never happened. I made myself look like an ******* on here, slamming people who said that Brian is an *******. I then posted on Brians site that i have not ever recieved a vacumm gun after posting the youtube vid here and promoting cc and tyler. Brian then censored my post, and when i saw that the next day, i told him that he lost me as a customer. He said he did not care. I do not have problems with people who are religious, but i do have a problem with trusting business owners who mix religion with business. To me that is a way to hide the truth. You do not want to know what i told him about religion as i do not want to offend anybody as i have done enough of that. I just think being honest is the best policy.
    I recently had a half decent sized order from CC and i am doing some very high end work right now. I am doing some final parts for a custom Harley builder and this bike is going to be featured in a mag. The engine is a S&S stroker and he wanted to get rid of chrome. I was doing the primary cover in mirror black, then ilusion lapis, he lettering done in metallic silver then high gloss clear. I was also at the same time doing 1965 vette front window trim in mirror black with high gloss clear. For the second time the mirror black was contaminated!!! I just had recieved 5lbs of mirror black on my last order and it has crap in the powder!!!!
    I checked everything, changed my media, cleaned the parts perfectly, checked all my filters i have. I have breathable air filtered down to 1 micron. The other colors i shot came out perfect, the **** powder i got really cost me time and money as well as making other customers wait. Myself i will never again trust anybody who says god bless in there messages. My biggest thing though, after all i have learned on this forum over the years, i slammed some very good coaters and i was totally wrong to do so. I am just trying to say i was wrong and you guys where right and i am very sorry for what i said. I made a huge mistake trying to be loyal to a total ******* and i was wrong. I thought at my age i would have beem smarter than this, but i screwed up and i am very sorry for my remarks. I got treated like crap and got crap powder when trying to coat a show bike.

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