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    Need a price check for these items before I turn the job down, not really set up for production work , but if the money is right I will consider it. Dont know if you can blow up the pic , it blurs when I do it here , but the original stays clear. These are basically truss reinforcing plates. They seem to be like 10″x 20″x1/2″ The beams look like they are 10″-12″.
    “Powder coat, black, satin… we will include your specification.”

    #1: 630 each, ¾” x 10” hex bolts and nuts

    #2: ½” steel plate, pcs/ID, attachment; 2/TS, 4/TQ, 2/TR, 4/TJ, 8/TE, 4/TF, 2/TB, 8/TC


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