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    I have a couple of quarts of the binary Rust Converter.


    While cleaning and reorganizing the shop the other day, I notice the Part-A had solidified in the never-before-opened bottle. Also I noticed a similar effect with my quart of Anti Heat Compound. I moved about a year and a half ago and my project was put on hold while we readied the new shop. But in preparation and anticipation of getting back to it this spring, I’ve taken advantage of the various Eastwood deals/sales and stocked up on what is probably over a $1000 dollars in products and supplies. Now I find myself questioning the quality and condition of the myriad Eastwood chemicals I have on the shelf.

    If products have a shelf life, it would be very advantageous to the Eastwood customer base if it were printed on the product. Currently I have virtually every Rust restoration chemical you sell, in bottles and areole, many paints (Under hood, Extreme chassis black, high temp engine, etc.) and other items like metal wash, Internal Frame Coating and Rubberizing Undercoat.


    • What, if anything, can be done to reconstitute the Rust Converter Part-A?
    • What products have a known shelf life?
    • Aside from temperature, are there better ways to store certain items, upside down, on their lids, etc?



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