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    Matt Harwood

    I’ve recently started using a welding wire from JW Harris called “Twenty Gauge” which I learned about through a friend who does a lot of sheet metal work. It’s basically an .030″ wire sleeve with powdered metal inside. It is vastly easier to weld sheet metal using this stuff compared to even .023 or .025 solid core wire, with a lot less burn through. It’s also easier to grind than most typical welding wires (this is for a MIG, obviously).

    The catch is that the stuff is REALLY hard to find (I had to order a large batch from the supplier and wait 3-5 weeks!). I sure wish Eastwood would carry it so that it would be easier to get. I prefer to order my stuff from suppliers I trust (like Eastwood) rather than some small welding shop in Arkansas who happens to stock the stuff.

    Here’s a link to a PDF for more information:

    Think about stocking this stuff, Eastwood. It’s great stuff and could be a real help to restorers trying to weld thin sheet metal. I know I’d prefer to buy it from you!

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