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    I have a chicago electric gun that i assume is very similar to the entry level eastwood gun. Any who i have powdercoated several parts with great results. However the last couple of times ive tried to shoot powder it wont stick. Ive done some searching and it seems the common problem is a grounding issue? However i havent changed a single thing since the first time i did it. My steps are as follows.

    Strip part with wire wheel or blaster
    Clean and wipe off with carb cleaner or starter fluid
    Hang on my stand then shoot
    Bake and be done.

    Whats weird is ive had the best results with wire wheeled preped parts. Blasted parts dont want to adhere the best.

    I have checked the ground by putting the nozzle close to the part and it sparks. So i know i have a good ground. To double insure this im going to by an 8ft ground rod but are there any suggestions.Im coating aluminum so i shouldnt have to out gas correct?

    On my search iv noticed some people modding their guns(taking the tubrs out and end piece) what does this do?

    Thanks for the help andrew.

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