Problems with the Dual Blaster

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    I purchased a dual blaster a few months ago and finally got my compressor wired to run it. I’m not sure how many cfms my compressor flows but it’s a 220 3 phase, 12 horse motor, dual pump, 150 gallon unit so I’m sure it’s providing enough. I have a radiator between the pump and the tank, quite a bit of black pipe to a regulator, to 50 ft of coiled hose, to a water separator then out to the unit. I’m not seeing any moisture in the trap on the unit. I was trying to blast outside this weekend (in about 30 degree weather) and I was running into two problems. Both the soda and the sand were used with between 85-90psi.

    Problem 1: After I unclogged soda from the valve on the bottom of the tank it worked great. However, when I thought I was out of soda, I opened the dump valve and found that there was still about 10 lbs of media (if not more) left in the tank even though it was acting as if it were out. I tried having someone shake the unit towards the end which helped but there was much more still in it than I had expected.

    Problem 2: I went with fine black beauty in my abrasive tank. I’m not sure of the grit. (Maybe someone here knows) Anyway, this clogged up almost immediately and I had to take the bottom of the unit apart and clean out the valve. I did that and put it back together and it clogged up again. I noticed that it was hard to turn the valve and the valve seemed “crunchy” when I did try to turn it.

    I am trying to finish two cars in a short amount of time and we had a nice day on Sunday. Not being able to finish them was a MAJOR setback so I would like to remedy this situation and not waste another day like I did on Sunday. Please help!

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