Problems with mirror black?

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    Hello all,

    Pretty new the powder coating thing and quickly realzing mirror black was not a good choice for a beginner. I am using the Eastwood Hobby gun and its Eastwood powder I am using. My first problem is I am having a hard time knowing when I have applied enough powder. After curing there are always thin spots with the mirror black. My second problem stems from the first one – I tried doing a second coat on a couple pieces to try and salvage them and got horrednous orange peel. The first coat did not have this problem at all. I tend to think that I am not putting the second coat on thick enough and it is overbaking. Does this sound reasonable? Cure for both the first and second coats consists of 20 minutes@400 after flow out. I have the IR thermometer and part temps aren’t getting about 400-405.

    Thanks for any tips or tricks you can give me for properly applying mirror black. I am going to do a couple parts in high gloss black instead and see if it covers better.

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