Problems with mediat getting into VC baffle?

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    I normally plug every hole in my covers when I blast them but I leave the bottoms open so some dust gets in there, but no media. (At least not up in the baffle.)

    If someone put a cover on and it threw a CEL but put their stock cover back on and the CEL went away, would that be from media in the cover? I would think if there was media that it would cotaminate the oil asap and would keep the CEL on right?

    Customer mentioned that the box was damaged (freakign FedEx) and the popcorn was kind of broken up in side the cover. While I wrap the covers in bubble wrap, some broken pop corn made its way into the cover and apparently into the breather and possibly in the baffle.

    Since the baffle is welded/riveted on…what are my options? He’s sending me back the cover and I’m refunding his money, but I want to salvage the cover if possible. Hell, it could have had popcorn in it from the guy that sent it to me in the first place (core swap).



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