Problems with clear coat coverage

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    I’m having a lot of issues with the clear coat not adhering to part. I’m coating a front door handle and lock assembly. The parts have been sand blasted, cleaned, and coated with chrome powder. The chrome looks good after cure. When I try to put a clear coat on, some of the parts look great, other do not cover well. This was not evident until after the powder cured. The metals are the exact same for all parts. The clear was applied when the parts first come out of the oven after full cure of chrome. I tried to just reapply clear (when part has hot) to see if this help. No luck. When I spray the clear, because there is no way for the charge to work, the gun just spits out a lot of powder. So far I have used 8 oz just to coat a simple door handle. Is there any what to get the powder to stick? I’m going to have to buy more clear powder from Eastwood, and at $14.99 per 8oz, this is one expensive door knob. What am I doing wrong? I have already stripped the parts twice with BIX and cleaned. Like I said earlier, the chrome come out nice it’s just the clear coat the does not cover. I do not have pictures right now because the parts are sitting BIX.

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