Problems with cast iron heads warping?

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    I took some cast iron BB ford heads to the machine shop the other day to have them checked out before I blasted and PC’ed them and put the ceramic thermal barrier in the combustion area. This is overkill for what the motor is going to be used for, but I figured I’d screw up my heads instead of a customers….. The guys at the machine shop seemed to be under the impression that there might be warpage issues at cure temps. Anyone have experience with this situation? They also seemed to think that there would be cracking of the powder under bolt areas once the heads were torqued down, so I assumed they weren’t real familiar with PC’ing (or masking for that matter…). I guess I can go back and show them how it really works and potentially increase the customer base, assuming the heads don’t look like pretzels once they are coated. Anyway, any help with the warpage issue question would be greatly appreciated.

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