Problem with sticky dashboards, plastics & "melting" black rubber parts?

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    Are you having any problems concerning “melting” sticky dashboards, plastic or rubber parts that leave a black slimy finish on your hands or fabrics?
    If so you are not alone, as I subscribe to several forums, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and even Lexus that seems to be a recurring issue with the car interior finishes. I would like to hear from you as I would like to start a database of car year/model/sub-models along with owners that share the same problem in order to pinpoint the cause and address the factory techs that are helping in finding a permanent solution.
    This information is anonymous and only the Yr./Make/Model is need to identify the issue sharing mutual similarities.
    At this writing the guys at the Ferrari Forums are revealing that most 1994 and newer Ferrari’s are plagued with the black gook staining every time the com in contact with any Knobs,rubber or plastic parts of the interiors.

    Also: Porsche, Maserati , and Toyota/Lexus auto owners reporting dame issues.
    Please write me and I will keep Posting latest remedies that can help, and I will be glad to do so without any financial interest or any other implication of monetary gains derived from my offer to share information.
    In layman’s terms I offer mutual exchange of information as I have been researching various solutions to this problem for the last 5 years, and each make, model and sub-models differ in ways to resolve the problems in finishes.

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