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    I shot a valvecover in PBTP Silver Explosion as a basecoat for EW Candy Hot Blue. Underneath the Silver Explosion I have used a base coat of KL-Primer to fill up some small holes in the cover…..

    Since the Hot Blue would be the thrid coat, I decided to hot-flock this coat. Unfortunately the result was not what I hoped.
    I heated the cover up to about 300F and then took it out to hot-flock. I also grounded the cover and charged my gun (EW Hobby-gun) I don’t know if this is neccessary. It was pretty clear that the powder did not stick very well on all ereas, strangely on the lower edges and the sides it stuck rather poorly….

    Well, I coated it and put it in the oven. When checking the temp I noticed that large areas were turning silver again instead of blue. It lookd a bit like army-cammo on those bits. So I took it out again and shot some more blue on these areas.

    Finally I now have a cover that is not as good as I hoped. Some places it it obvious that I used too much powder, other areas look like they have a large bunch of large pin-holes next to eachother. (Looks like the army-cammo but not as worse…) Can anyone tell me what went wrong?



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