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    Need advice guys,
    I have a 33 gal compressor and bought the concourse 1.8 spray gun to spray Xtreme epoxy primer on my project (’49 British Austin A40 pick up). The parts had been “zinc coated” at the media blaster to prevent flash rusting. I am new to hvlp. When I spray (4:1:1-primer/activator/reducer–per paint spec sheet) I get a textured rough coat of primer. I assume my primer coat should be smooth… am I wrong? Eastwood says the gun is supposed to work with this size tank (I think around 5-6 cfm at 40 psi). My thoughts:

    1. should I add more reducer (4:1:2)?
    2.Should I turn the compressor completely off for a half hour after every half-hour of the compressor “on” to respect the duty cycle?
    3. I have a nice long elliptical spray pattern so I think that is OK
    4. I turn the fluid flow back a bit to try to decrease the spitting of paint globs
    5. I have the airflow pretty much open

    Does this gun truly work with the smaller “hobbyist” 33 gal tank? Any thoughts on what to do other than above (increase reducer and turn tank motor off for a half hour after use for a half hour?

    I appreciate your expertise. I hope I have the right gun as advertised.

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