Problem polishing after sandblasting!

Posted: March 16, 2006 By: ilya

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    I am attempting to restore cast aluminum rims. They are 1 piece, 16″, and have about an inch lip. I used Eastwood’s Dekote to remove old powdercoat and then sandblasted to remove the rust. I also sandblasted the lips because I wanted to get rid of the ‘machined’ lines.

    During sandblasting I did something really bad: I used starblast at around 80psi.

    Now I can’t polish out the pitting. I end up with a deep haze. Please help!

    I have eastwoods wheel polishing kit and wheel buffing kit. How should I proceed? Following the supplied instructions and starting with 80 grit greaseless compound, I still had pitting marks and haze.

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