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    Hey guys, this is my first post, but ive been reading on here for well over a year, been powder coating for about a year too and have done a lot of stuff!

    well this is probably going to be pretty weird, but here it goes….
    I need to ask someone something, and i need a creative way. I know they have been wanting to learn how to powder coat for a while after listening to me tell them about it.
    Ive starting doing these little sample pieces when ever i use a new color, about a 2″ by 3″ piece of aluminum, and what i want to do is write something on the aluminum but wipe it off to where you cant see it. I know it sounds weird but im hoping i can find a way to write it on there, wipe it off, and then when it is done baking it will appear?
    I figured this would work because I remember reading on here a LONG time ago about someone having problems with something they where pcing, and it turns out it was sharpie that was coming thought when it was baked. the guy wiped the sharpie off with some kind of cleaner but it would reapper during the baking process, so im wondering if i would write on the aluminum and wipe it off with like acetone or something that it will show back up??

    thanks for your help, I know no ones probably ever asked how to purposuely make a defect happen! :rolleyes:

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