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    I have been shooting powder over chrome after I have sandblasted with glass bead to clean and smooth up. Then I would clean the piece. In the past, the finishes always came out real nice. Then a local guy who used to pc asked if I used primer, and I said no. He said use primer and look at the differance of the finish, plus it makes the coat more durable. So I tried it with some black pieces and used black primer. Well those pieces came out real nice. When I used it with the grey primer and used a color such as bright red, the color was not bright and the powder did not take very well.
    I have a few questions.

    1. Do I really need the primer over chrome?
    2. I have a dual voltage gun, should I use the higher voltage for the first coat (Primer) and the lower voltage for the second (Main color)?
    3. If the primer is for opaque (non-transultant) colors, why would the bright red seem like a flatter red?

    Thanks for any help

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