Priming and painting engine bay in my 1988 Mustang GT

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    Hi Folks , this is my first post and after reading around some, this looks like a great site with a lot of good info.

    I’ve got an 88 GT , with the engine bay stripped out, I’ve cleaned all the junk and grim out of it, we have taken off the stock k-member, and have stripped most the paint out of the bay.

    I’ve had it down to just about all bare metal for several months, and am ready to get started on it.

    there is not a lot of rust, just some flash rust from sitting , I have hood on it, and it’s in a car port on jack stands, until I get the new engine from the machine shop, and get it ready to start putting the engine and stuff in.

    Back to the painting, I’ve been searching around and think I might use the East Wood’s primer, though not sure what type, I’m thinking etching primer, or High build etching primer?
    not sure if I need the high build?

    I’ll look into getting a couple pics for here, if a new guy can post them,

    Thanks for looking and any advice would be welcome.

    Thanks Rick

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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