Primer? Smooth Surface?

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    Hey guys,
    I have a question, and I bet there are others with similar situations too. I may have a significant long term contract coming up and I’d like to develope a technique to help keep costs down (mine and cust). The job would be a reasonably rough cast aluminum box. I did a few test runs on some and found the casting soo rough, it took 2 or 3 coats to cover well. I was using Bright Yellow and man…it doesn’t go nearly as far as say a gloss black. I don’t really know why. I also ended up with significant orange peel as well.
    I was wondering, where it takes so much yellow at 3 coats, would another color used as a base coat go further. I guess I’m looking for a primer of sorts. Anyone ever considered this? Or do you guys just keep coating with the correct color until it looks good. I find 1/2lb bright yellow will do 3 coats on 2 of these boxes and I believe a gloss black, for example, would go twice as far. Next time, Im going to belt sand the freaking boxes first to see if that helps.
    Any Ideas?

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