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    Hi Kevin,

    Got two of your DVD’s – great stuff, used a lot of the information there to help me along my restoration.

    Got a 66 Mustang I’m restoring and I want to prime seal the metal work I’ve done so far, I don’t have the money to do all the metal work and paint at once so I just want to protect my nice new fenders and such as I work on the rest of the car over the coming year. I live in the North East, the car is garaged, but not climate controlled. I don’t have a good compressor regulator dryer gun setup yet, so I just want spray can the metal for now to protect.

    I like the idea of epoxy coats but they don’t seem to mix with etching primers from what I’ve read. Any recommendations you can send my would be appreciated.

    BTW – I have Trucks and PowerBlock Tivo’d – watch it everyweek ..



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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