Primer and Underhood Black

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    I’ve just about completed restoring the complete engine compartment incl interior fender skirts, breather, and all small components. I stripped it all, sprayed most with RE, covered that with SE primer and two thin coats of Underhood Black (UB). After finishing there were a few small pea size to dime size dings that I just couldn’t live with. I have sanded them down to bare metal and currently have spot filler over them and will be sanding that down tonight. How do I go about spot painting or if necessary I can respray the entire piece but DO NOT wish to have to strip everything back down to the metal. My main concern is what type primer can I use to spot spray over the sanded bare metal filler and will be compatible with the UB which I beileve is a lacquer. Or can I just sand the areas with 400 grit and spray with UB without it having a different than the rest finish.
    We’re talking total rattle can here by the way.

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