Primed car sat too long, how to proceed?

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    The ghoul

    Just picked up a project that the last owner had blasted and epoxy primed but then let it sit too long.
    Now there is surface rust starting to form where the primer was thin.
    It’s not in the budget to have it re-blasted so I’ve been using my speedy blaster to “spot clean” the metal.43BF658C-B4C1-4A29-BCD7-7AB30C701ED6_zpshfrzmxwa.jpg
    Now that the majority of the rust is addressed I am unsure how to proceed?
    Will spot treating with rust coverter be enough prep before epoxy priming again?
    Should I follow up with rust encapsulater before priming?
    Will the encapsulater have adheasion issues with the primer/sandblasted metal?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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