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Posted: May 14, 2010 By: woody

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    Gotta love customers like this,even lists the exact colors he wants

    Exhaust Pipe (Ceramic Coated Flat Black)
    Y-Pipe (Ceramic Coated Flat Black)
    4 Front Control Arms (Gloss Black)
    2 Front Spindles (Gloss Red)
    2 Front Springs (Gloss Red)
    2 Rear Springs (Satin Black)
    2 Rear Shock Link (Satin Red)
    3 Rear Suspension Arms ( Satin Red)
    1 Rear Spring (Satin Black)
    2 Rear Rails (Satin Black)
    5 Rear Rail Spacers (Satin Black)
    2 Tunnel Guards (Gloss Red)

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