price check, spoked dirt bike wheels

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    I’m not a pro shop, just doing this for friends and friends of friends. So I give buddy prices (which I figure based on about 75% of what I think a pro shop would charge).

    A firends buddy wants some spoke dirt bike wheels done, 20″ I believe. He’s going to knock them down and bring me just the hubs and rims. The spokes will get replaced with new ones and will not be coated.

    Hubs are cast I believe so I figure they will need to be blasted, outgassed, primed to help with outgassing, then coated. Rims are clear coated with something, so chemical strip and prime/coat (I plan to prime just to be sure they match the hubs and everything holds up well). All I have to chem strip is Lowes stuff right now. Both are aluminum.

    It’s a total of 4 wheels (2 bikes). I was thinking $40 per wheel (hub and rim), for a total of $160. Too cheap?

    Thanks guys,

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