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    UPDATE: I have been shooting these pieces all weekend and having all kinds of trouble with Faraday effect (you can see the areas in the photo where this might occur). My solution thus far has been to shoot them at 300 degrees and a ground, put them in the oven until they start to flow out, and then pull them back out again to check for missed spots—it’s almost as if the powder is moving away from the weld points when it starts to flow out.
    I am currently using the hobby gun. Would the pro gun provide better “powder attraction?” It is 85% humidity here, but I don’t know if that is having an effect.

    Advice and suggestions would be appreciated!!!

    Hey guys…I used to have an account here, but can’t seem to find it!

    Anyway, I need some help pricing this piece. It is approximately 10.5″ x12″ mild steel the customer wants it shot in flat black with no topcoat. He has 14 pieces total. I would have almost no prep work aside from phosphate and no masking to do.

    I was thinking $10 a piece…too low? too high?


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