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    Here is a post from another forum, guy wants me to do this. I would hate to lose the job pricing too high, so if you guys can help me out here, appreciation is in order. I will resize the pic of the truck and grill and post shortly. It was too large to post here. NONE of it is going to be BLACK
    “I have a bunch of questions and need some answererd before i can move foreward with my build. Im not a coater and dont want to be but I like to be educated and informed.

    I am going to put a 9 inch lift on a 09 gmc 2500 and run a 24 inch wheel. The truck is metallic black so i would like a metallic powder im leaning towards red or blue but I am open to suggestions. Its dark outside right now but I will be sure to post some pics of the truck tomorrow.

    The lift kit is approx 70 pieces including the sway bars, leaf springs, hitch and other odds and ends. Its going to come powder coated black which will have to be stripped. Im going to need a VERY fast turnaround on the stock parts off the truck because its my only vehicle and it will obviousley be down while parts are being coated. I am in NW georgia and would rather hand deliver vs UPS but we will get to that later.
    below is the lift”

    Here is the grill and surrounds he is talking about doing also:


    im looking for feedback on colors and the “do-ability” of this project. any input is greatly appreciated!

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