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    In many of the pretreatment posts there is talk of using DI water. I am curious, how are you obtaining your water, purchase it or do you have a filter system? If you have a filter system, what kind? Is it a straight water purification system, DI System, or Water softener, etc…

    Secondly has anyone used Dupont 5717s Metal Conditioner and the 5718s Steel and Galvanized Refinishing System Conversion Coating for pretreatment? I tested it and found that when rinsed off (per instructions) the piece would *immediately* (and I mean immediately) flash rust and not turn the blueish color that it should. The only way I could get that to happen was to wipe off rather than rinse, but I am concerned that this may cause problems down the road.

    I have a rather small shop and would like to have a good final rinse but don’t want to sacrifice the house on the equipment. 🙂

    – Tim
    Clive Customs and Coatings

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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