Pretty sure I am doing this wrong.

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    Alright everyone, I have a feeling these welds are not good. Here is a picture of them, I feel like something is wrong here and I am sure its user error. Here is picture of some tac welds.
    Still learning and I can see in some of the spots I am not actually connecting the body to the panel being welded on. Are there any other glaring mistakes I should try to fix. I know I have to go back to those welds and add to them. Does it look like its running too hot, too cold, not enough wire, or too much wire? Again just learning as I go along. I am using shielding gas, as 75%/25 mixture. There is weld thru primer on the back of the panel and also the fire wall. I am using .023 wire and the setting are set to what the machine says. I am using a mig 250.. Any input would be great.


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