Pressure points making a panel wavy?

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    In doing an allover refinish on a newer model Honda, I’m having a bit of trouble getting the doors like I want them. There was no heavy damage (large stretched areas) to them. They had only multiple small “parking lot” dings. After lightly hammer-working the high spots (rings) around the dents I basically had to wipe the doors from the front edge to the back. I used an airfile with 80 grit for the initial working of the filler and then blocked the doors by hand (with a good, flat blocking stick of course) using 120 and finally 180 grit dry paper. The doors felt straight at that point, and there were no “visual” high/low spots. I’ve primed (2k urethane) and wet-blocked (400-500 grit) the doors twice, but I’m just not happy with the results thus far.

    Both doors have small waves in almost the exact same places and the second application of primer and wet-blocking hasn’t helped. I pulled the interior door panels off and I think I see the problem. There are “glue spots” on the insides of the doors between the exterior skin and some internal bracing. The waves correspond with the glue spots. It seems that the glue spots are creating pressure points when I block the doors and that’s causing the waves. I’ve run into this on some newer model cars, but I usually just work the “glued” areas lightly and this prevents the panel from being wavy. I approached this job with that mentality and made sure to file and block everything lightly. I worked numerous dents and dings on just about every panel on the car, but the doors are the only ones that are wavy. What would be the best way to handle this problem? Try another application of 2k primer and reblock the doors…or try cutting the glue spots out completely and then re-prime and block? I’m guessing of course that I’ll need to reapply whatever glue spots I cut out?? Thanks for any input you guys (or gals) may have.

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