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    Im doing a frame off rebuild of a 65 Riviera. The car has been parked outside for the past ten years and the paint is fried. The car was resprayed once over the factory color with poor masking and not all the trim removed. So I have plenty of places where I am removing thick topcoats and places that are thin original paints. Ive run into rock chips in the paint that once I sand I hit bare metal.
    The car is straight and or any prexisting body work is done well, so keeping in my budget I am sanding the body down versus media blasting. I hoped for sanding/scuffing the paint and getting to a point of primer. With all the exposed metal I have now I dont know know which primer to go with.
    I intended on feathering out the spots as much as possible, but which primer is good for mixed application (old media and bare metal)

    Also how long can I let the bare metal sit before I get primer on it. Keep in mind I live in Las Vegas where humidty is not an issue

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