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    Hello Kevin! I have a 64 nova that I have just remover the front clip. I have been “wire wheel” the fire wall down to metal as best I can however there is some tight spaces that I will probably use a scotch brite pad on. My question–Is the wire wheel enough for the epoxy to adhear too? I know i would still need to use some sort of paint prep. I would be interested to hear your thoughts and product suggestions. I would like to use eastwood products all the way through except my top coat is “John Deer Blitz Black”.

    Suggestions needed

    -pre paint prep/degreaser


    -High build primer


    -seam sealer

    Is the above in the correct order? Also I want to take into account if any of these product will damage my garage expoy floor:). If so I want to be prepared to cover the floor. The floor is a PPG epoxy and chem based. Thanks for any insight and where can I find a link to your DVD’s? I always watch trucks if i get up in time on the weekends.


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