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    Hey guy new here, Thanks in advance. 2002 maxima se .First time prepping a bumper to bring to a shop for a pearl white paint job. A friend of mine gave me this bumper. I cant afford to pay the shop for prepping it.

    The bumper was sanded down to rubber with 120 grit. Questions are ,
    Before I spray it with adhesive promoter and prime it ,Do I now wet sand dry sand?
    What grit is ideal before priming? How many coats or primer, How many coats of promoter?
    , What primer do u suggest? I’m not using a spray gun, and would rather NOT use spray can primer!!!. Is there any primer I can buy locally, and throw in a Windex bottle?
    What filler do you suggest for a rear bumper that wont crack? Do I fill in the dings before or after primer? And last question is, since the rubber is exposed, do I need to do any extra steps?

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